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Welcome to M.AC.E Central Queensland Website.  As our website evolves, more information, support, photographs will be available. 

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About Us

The objective of Motorcyclists Advocating Child Empowerment (M.A.C.E), empower children affected by neglect, sexual, physical or emotional abuse.  We endeavour to minimise young people's fear and anxiety in the wake of abuse.

Our Services

  • 1. Empowering Children
  • 2. Protecting Children
  • 3. Bettering our community for
  • 4. Raising awareness and funds for
         Children in need

Items of Interest

MACE Book Offer
Check out this amazing book offer 100% proceeds to MACE.

Protective behaviours
The honesty of a child is a purity within our lives which must be cherished, just as their innocence must be protected.

Words and actions  can hurt
Never underestimate the power of the tongue, it has the power heal or to destroy the peace of another.      

Don't fight in front of kids
The most frequent book that a child reads is the living document that we commonly refer to as life.  What our children may see and hear, is that which they may learn from the displays we are giving to them.

Our Supporters

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